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Our classes consists of 120 minutes of behind the wheel instruction. it includes pick up and drop off at no additional charge. The instructor will inform the students and/or the parents if additional lessons are necessary after the completion of the course.

Additional lessons are provided by the school at an additional cost. 

Florida State Issued Road Test, Scheduling of the Road Test is provided by the school after the completion of the course. In case the student has retake the Road Test, the student will be responsible for the $20.00 test charge assessed by the Florida DMV. 


1. The school agrees to furnish a dual brake controlled car for all practical instruction.

2. It is agreed upon that an owner, instructor, agent or employee of this school shall not          give impression to a student that upon completion of their instruction, this school                  guarantees the securing of a driver´s license to operate a motor vehicle.

3. The school provides all the necessary instruction for a student to pass the driving test,        but it not responsible if a student does not pass the exam.

4. This school will not refund any fee, in full or part.

5. There is a $30.00 fee assessed for any cancellation that is not made 24 Hours in                  advance.

6. This agreement constitutes the contract between the school and the student. No verbal        statements will be recognized.

7. The contract will expire after 14 month from the date stated above.



2. Lessons           (4 Hours)​

3. Lessons           (6 Hours)​

5. Lessons          (10 Hours)​

6. Lessons          (12 Hours)​

7. Lessons          (14 Hours)​

8. Lessons          (16 Hours) ..... Etc.​

2. Lessons + Road Test

3. Lessons+ Road Test

4. Lessons + Road Test

5. Lessons + Road Test

6. Lessons + FREE Road Test

7. Lessons + FREE Road Test

8. Lessons + FREE Road Test ..... Etc.​



Special senior driving classes

** Student will be taken to FREE Road Test at the last lesson given and MUST be be prepared for test in order to be taken. **

3N3 Class for 3 accidents in 3 years